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America's Culture War and the Supreme Court


By Sandor Balogh, Ph.D., professor emeritus, political science


After watching the American cultural and social scene deteriorate for the last several decades, Texas journalist Karl Spence decided to do something about it. He wrote a book that not only describes the sorry state of affairs, but analyzes it, comes to a diagnosis, and in conclusion, offers a solution.

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‘It's an interesting notion’ ...

Blogger Attila Girl says: “It’s an interesting notion: requiring that the Constitution be ‘interpreted’ as it was written, without finding things in it that aren’t there.” Comments ensue.

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... But unrealistic

Blogger Riehl World View says:  “I can't say as I ever see a constitutional amendment being enacted to try and de-politicize the judicial appointment process. In point of fact, I worry that the entire judicial appointment process and problems are too complex for a great many Americans to pay attention to.”

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‘I like it. What do you think?’

Blogger Wince and Nod posts the text of the Fair Construction Amendment and invites comment. Lawyer-blogger Mark Adams hyperventilates: “This is the Constitution of the United States of America you want to screw with. Think again. That’s what I think

(NOTE: The lengthy exchange set off by Mr. Adams' post refers to a version of the amendment that did not yet include the sentence, “This Constitution is changed only by an explicit and authentic act of the whole people” or the phrase, "precedents to the contrary notwithstanding.")

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